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Anne Clark

International Spiritualist Psychic Medium

Reiki Master / Teacher


Anne has just wrote her very first book . She writes of her family and upbringing , tells also how she found her path in spiritualisum . Lessons learned and experiences of her most funny and scary moments along the way.

Her book is available from Amazon at only £5.99 but will also be on sale at her psychic events as she travels around with her demonstartions.


Anne also has her very own guided meditation cds available to purchase .

Meet your spirit guides

Spending time with  your loved ones in Spirit

Spiritual happiness ( cleansing and healing guided meditation )

Protection and grounding guided medtation

Cds are priced £5 each or purchase all three for only £12 plus postage on each item



To purchase any guided cds or Annes book please contact Anne by using the forum below to arrange payment and address details. Please also state if you wish them signed by Anne .

* Required
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